ProClean use the Tegras foam and brushing machines which allows us to reach places and heights that others can’t. We are fully trained by BESA approved training school which allows us to issue a certificate of compliance to TR/19 standards for insurance companies.

Our chemicals are what we believe to be the best available and we source these all from UK companies and abide by all COSHH regulations. All of our technicians are fully trained in the following areas:


This ensures that we always work as safe as possible to minimise any problems for both our technicians and our clients.


We will carry out a full inspection on your system, and advise if it complies with current regulations. We ensure you have the necessary service access points, and if there are any faults with the system.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Using highly skills technicians, we will carry out any required maintenance on your ducts. The system will then be cleaned with our own bespoke cleaning process.


Once fully cleaned, the system will then be sanitised using specialised chemicals that do not cause harm to the environment. 

Legal Requirements

Insurance regulations dictate that air ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis. Should there be a fire and there is clear evidence that ducts have not been cleaned and maintained, it could invalidate your claim.

Section 6 of the Health & Safety Executive at Work, approved code of practice 1992 states the following:

Effective and suitable provision shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air.

The air which is introduced should, as far as possible, be free from any impurity which is likely to be offensive or cause ill health.

Ventilation systems must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that people/staff are breathing in good quality air. If not, their health may be at risk, and they may have a right to compensations if their illness is caused by indoor air pollution.

The system we use for our duct cleaning

The iFoam cleaning system, is the most advanced equipment for cleaning grease in industrial kitchens, through the injection of active foam. It has a Multijet system that regulates automatically, the required parameters for alkaline degreaser foam generation, such as temperature for high speed water heating, degreaser automatic injection, compressed air and chemical adding to get the active foam. All of this mixture of water, heat, detergent and air is injected by a pump through an application lance and special nozzles.

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