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Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning is not the most popular job you can think of!

Oven Cleaning at home usually means using caustic chemicals that can be harsh on your skin, your oven and the environment. Besides the mess, many people just don’t have the time to do the job.

Standard household cleaning products are often unable to remove burnt on carbon or stubborn grease. We have the magic solution for the job!

Our team of friendly, trained operatives use non-caustic, non-toxic products in your home along with the right amount of elbow grease to finish the job! We’re friendly, reliable & professional, and we leave no mess, just a sparkly clean oven for you to use right away!

Pro Clean will thoroughly clean your oven, eliminating all traces of dirt, grease and burnt on carbon using non-caustic, non-toxic, eco friendly products that will make your oven look brand new!

👌👌👌Check out these oven cleaning before and after photos!👌👌👌
This job cost the customer just £35 and was completed in just over an hour!

Pro Clean Kent Oven Cleaning before pic1  Pro Clean Kent Oven Cleaning after pic 1   Pro Clean Kent Oven Cleaning before pic2

Pro Clean Kent Oven Cleaning after pic2

Pro Clean Kent Oven Cleaning before pic3 door

Pro Clean Kent Oven Cleaning after pic3 door

We use custom made heated dip tanks mounted in each van. These are for soaking racks, shelves, glass etc. This brings them up like new and removes all grease and carbon during the time it takes to clean the oven.

Oven Cleaning takes just 1 – 2 hours for a standard oven or cooker and up to 3 hours for larger ranges and AGA’s.

ProClean pricing with no hidden fees:


Do you see your type of oven listed? These images are a guide to give an idea of pricing. Let us know if your oven differs from any of the above and we’ll provide a bespoke quote for you.

Contact ProClean today and let’s get your oven back to brand-new and sparkling again!